How To Select The Right Filter Material?
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How To Select The Right Filter Material?

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How to select the right filter material?

1. Characteristics of exhaust gas

In various types of kiln tail gas and chemical waste gas, there are often acidic and alkaline substances, chlorine agents, organic solvents, and other chemical components. These gases are also influenced by factors such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the selection of filter materials.

2. Temperature needs (regular operation/instant peak)

The temperature of the gas containing dust is a crucial factor when choosing filter materials. Gas with dust below 100℃ is considered normal temperature gas, while gas with dust above 100℃ is considered high-temperature gas. Therefore, filter materials can be divided into two categories: regular temperature filter materials and high-temperature filter materials. It is important to select the appropriate filter material based on the temperature of the flue gas. Some refer to gas within the range of 0-170℃ as medium temperature gas, but the filter material used is mostly high-temperature type.

3. Requirements for operating conditions

In industrial applications such as boilers and drying processes, the operating systems may have continuous or intermittent operation requirements. It is important to consider the performance requirements of the operating systems when selecting the appropriate filter material.

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