470g/m2 glass fiber cloth for reverse air filter bag 14oz
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470g/m2 glass fiber cloth for reverse air filter bag 14oz

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Woven fiberglass is a type of filter material designed for use in high temperature environments. It is created through a series of processes including drawing, spinning, warping, texturizing, weaving, finishing, and laminating. This material possesses exceptional qualities such as the ability to withstand high temperatures (up to 260℃), high tensile strength, resistance to oxygen and corrosion, and a long lifespan. As a result, it finds extensive applications in dust filtration across various industries including cement plants, power plants, carbon black plants, steel plants, and incinerators.

Weight: 470g/m2 (14oz)

Finish: PTFE finish, Acid resistant finish, Silicone Graphite, PTFE finish

Membrane: with or without e-PTFE membrane

Regular width: 0.98m, 1m, 1.016m, 2m, 2.032m, or customized

Roll length: 300m/roll, or customized

Specification of woven fiberglass

No. Code Finish US glass system Weave Weight Thread count
Tensile strength
Air permeability LOI
Warp Weft g/m2 oz/yd2 Warp Weft cm3/cm2
CFM (%)
1 MA301 PTFE finished with membrane DE75 1/2 DE75 2/2(T) Double twill 740-800 21.7-23 19x16 >2400 >2000 2-5 4-10 >9.5
2 MC301 Acid-resistant finished with membrane DE75 1/2 DE75 2/2(T) Double twill 740-800 21.7-23 19x16 >2400 >2000 2-5 4-10 >9.5
3 FA301 PTFE finished DE75 1/2 DE75 2/2(T) Double twill 740-800 21.7-23 19x16 >2400 >2000 15-30 30-60 >9.5
4 FC301 Acid-resistant finished DE75 1/2 DE75 2/2(T) Double twill 740-800 21.7-23 19x16 >2400 >2000 15-30 30-60 >9.5

Woven fiberglass characteristic:

1. Exceptional heat resistance

Woven fiberglass filter fabric can withstand continuous use in temperatures ranging from above the dew point of acid to 260°C, with a maximum temperature resistance of 280°C. Even when exposed to burning particles and sparks, the filter material will not ignite. Unlike other filter materials, the glass fiber fabric remains unchanged in both physical and chemical properties, as well as color, even after being subjected to a 2-hour baking process at 280°C.

2. Remarkable strength and minimal stretching, maintaining stability

The woven glass filter fabric exhibits warp and weft strength exceeding 2000N, ensuring it does not shrink under high temperatures and retains its original size, thereby preserving its filtering and cleaning performance. The elongation rate of the woven glass fabric is less than 3%. This means that during filtration operations, the weight of the filter material combined with the dust layer will not cause the filter bag to elongate, significantly reducing the occurrence of filter bag breakage caused by air pressure cleaning.

3. Precise filtration capability

The fiberglass filter fabric is equipped with a PTFE membrane that consists of small and evenly sized micropores (ranging from 0.10 to 2.0μm). This allows it to effectively separate any dust particles that are larger than the diameter of these micropores. Moreover, it exhibits a remarkable ability to collect PM10 (respirable dust) and PM2.5 (respirable dust), both of which pose a serious threat to human health. Consequently, the filtration efficiency of this fabric is consistently high, making it effortless to achieve emission standards of less than 20mg/m³, 10mg/m³, or even 5mg/m³.

4. Thin, pliable, and effortless to clean

The woven fiberglass material boasts a thickness of less than 0.8mm, which varies depending on the fabric's weight. This is merely one-third of what the needle felt filter material measures. Additionally, it is woven using texturized yarn, giving it a soft and flexible texture. During the process of dust cleaning, the fiberglass cloth adopts a serpentine motion, making it easy for the dust to detach. The pressure required for dust removal is minimal, resulting in fewer instances of dust cleaning. As a result, the consumption of compressed air is significantly reduced, maintenance needs are minimized, and operational costs are effectively saved.

5. Protection against oxidation and corrosion

Fiberglass filter fabric remains unaffected by oxygen or nitride, eliminating the need to worry about varying oxygen levels in the dust collector. Woven glass cloth boasts exceptional resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, when the filter material is infused with PTFE, a dense protective film forms on the surface of the glass fiber cloth, preventing erosion and ensuring the durability of the fiberglass cloth during operation.

6. Outstanding durability against folding

The woven fiberglass filter fabric is made from glass yarns and undergoes meticulous chemical treatment, resulting in a folding resistance several times higher than that of regular filter materials. This enhanced durability allows the filter material to endure long-term shrinkage and expansion without sustaining any damage, thereby guaranteeing its longevity.

7. Ideal for working in damp environments, this fabric is resistant to water and oil.

The filter cloth made from glass fiber is highly resistant to hydrolysis. The fabric's base material has undergone treatment using technology that repels water and oil. Through rigorous testing, it has been determined that the level of waterproofing is no less than 4.5. This ensures that the filter material does not absorb water, preventing any hardening issues that may occur after condensation.

Manufacturing Roll goods at Hongyuan Envirotech

Hongyuan Envirotech manufactures fiberglass and chemical fiber roll goods using a skilled production team and advanced machinery. With over two decades of experience, we are able to create high-quality materials that cater to the demands of the market. Each fiber possesses distinct characteristics that make our filter medium perfectly suitable for various applications. We also offer customized filter media based on the specific requirements of our customers and different application scenarios.

Filter Media Roll goods for Dust filtration

• Fiberglass fabric with and without e-PTFE membrane

• Needle felt with and without e-PTEF membrane

• Material weight from 250g/m2 to 1000g/m2

• Roll length from 50m to 300m

• Shortest delivery time

• Customized and developed products as customer’s request


For more than 20 years, Hongyuan Envirotech Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of filter material and filter bags for dust filtration industry. Hongyuan Envirotech has been committed to providing customers best filter material with comprehensive cost performance.

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