Reverse air filter bag
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Reverse air filter bag

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Manufacturing Filter bags at Hongyuan Envirotech

Hongyuan Envirotech offers a wide range of replacement and custom-designed dust collector filter bags for all types of filter baghouses. Our advanced production line and hanging system ensure that our dust filter bags are precisely cut and sized for a perfect fit and excellent performance during installation and use. We design our filter bags to meet the specific requirements of each dust collection process, providing our customers with the best technical solution for their filter systems.

Our reverse air filter bags are constructed from woven fiberglass fabric, available in regular weights of 340g/m2 or 450g/m2. The bags have a standard diameter of either 292mm or 300mm, and lengths ranging from 9000mm to 13000mm. They have a low emission level of either 5mg/Nm3, 10mg/Nm3, or 20mg/Nm3.

We use high-quality snap bands, rings, and sewing thread in the production of our filter bags, ensuring their durability and reliability. Thanks to our large production capacity, we are able to offer the shortest delivery times in the industry. Additionally, we are able to customize and develop products according to our customers' specific requests.

With a long service life, our reverse air filter bags provide excellent filtration performance and are designed to withstand the demands of various dust collection processes.


For more than 20 years, Hongyuan Envirotech Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of filter material and filter bags for dust filtration industry. Hongyuan Envirotech has been committed to providing customers best filter material with comprehensive cost performance.

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