PTFE Sewing thread 1250D/1500D/1800D/2000D
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PTFE Sewing thread 1250D/1500D/1800D/2000D

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PTFE sewing thread is crafted from a top-notch polytetrafluoroethylene resin material. This thread boasts exceptional temperature resistance, withstanding temperatures ranging from -196 to 260℃. It also exhibits remarkable resistance to corrosion, hydrolysis, and oxidation.

The key characteristics of PTFE sewing thread are as follows:

1. Remarkable heat resistance: PTFE can withstand exceedingly high temperatures (typically above 200°C) for prolonged periods without melting or decomposing.

2. Chemical resilience: PTFE demonstrates excellent resistance to most chemicals, allowing for safe usage in corrosive environments.

3. Non-adhesive properties: PTFE is inherently non-sticky, preventing the accumulation of dust, dirt, or chemicals on the sewing thread. This reduces the likelihood of clumping or breakage during use.

4. Robust tensile strength: PTFE sewing thread possesses high tensile strength, making it suitable for sewing items that endure substantial forces.

5. Impressive wear resistance: PTFE sewing thread is highly resistant to wear and tear caused by friction, ensuring durability and longevity.

Hongyuan produces and supplies high-quality PTFE sewing thread for sewing high-temperature dust filter bags. Regular types are as follows:

1250 Den

1500 Den

1800 Den

2000 Den


For more than 20 years, Hongyuan Envirotech Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of filter material and filter bags for dust filtration industry. Hongyuan Envirotech has been committed to providing customers best filter material with comprehensive cost performance.

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