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The main process of steel production:

1. Sintering (or pellets): Iron powder is mined and transported to the steel plant, and iron is obtained from iron powder by blast furnace smelting. In order to adapt to the smelting of the blast furnace, the iron powder must first be processed into blocks, which requires adding limestone to the iron powder, and using a sintering machine or pelletizing equipment to make blocks of uniform size.

2. Coking: Coal is smelted into coke through a coking plant, and the coke is sent to a blast furnace for ironmaking. Coking produces gas at the same time. The gas is used for combustion in blast furnaces and other uses in steel mills.

3. Blast furnace: Feed iron ore (or sintered ore, pellets) into the blast furnace, and at the same time add coke (as fuel and also play a supporting role), and blow hot air into the blast furnace (about 1150 ° C), so that a liquid will be formed at the bottom of the blast furnace The molten iron is released regularly from the taphole of the blast furnace. At the same time, blast furnace waste slag is generated, which is all used for cement processing.

Sintering Machine

The main dust removal points of the sintering machine include: head dust removal, machine tail dust removal, finished product ingredients dust removal

The smoke and dust of the sintering head is collected by a large airtight cover, and most of the original process uses electrostatic precipitator. With the improvement of environmental protection standards and the progress of bag filter technology, bag filter has shown greater advantages. Most of the filter bags are made of high temperature composite felt. The tail dust filter material generally uses polyester needle felt, FMS needle felt, and aramid needle felt. The dust removal of finished ingredients is mostly under normal temperature and low humidity conditions. Finished product ingredient dust removal mainly uses polyester needle felt.


Main dust removal points for coking: coal charging dust removal, coke pushing dust removal, coke blocking dust removal, coke quenching dust removal, coke screening dust removal

Antistatic polyester needle felt is mainly used for coking and dust removal.

Lime Kiln

Main dust removal points of lime kiln: vertical kiln dust removal, rotary kiln dust removal, suspension kiln dust removal

Lime shaft kiln uses coated aramid needle felt. The filter material of the rotary kiln is made of glass fiber woven laminated filter material, MC302 and MC303 are used for the reverse air type, and MA301 filter material is used for the pulse jet type. The suspension kiln dust filter bag is made of aramid needle felt or glass fiber fabric.

Blast furnace

Blast furnace gas dust removal filter material is P84 and ultra-fine glass fiber composite needle felt. Dust removal in the blast furnace casting house is made of polyester needle felt which is laminated with PTFE membrane.

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