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Production process of asphalt mixing plant:

The production process of dust removal consists of raw material processing, storage and transportation, drying, screening, powder supply, concrete mixing, etc. The processed stones and asphalt are loaded into the drum and heated, and then the aggregate, lime powder and hot asphalt are mixed. It is used as asphalt concrete and laid on the road surface.

According to the working mode of asphalt concrete mixing plant, it is divided into continuous type and intermittent type: continuous type is large and medium-sized asphalt mixing plant, most of which are fixed places; intermittent type is mainly rolling type mixer, which is suitable for mobile operation.

Sources of smoke pollution from asphalt concrete mixing plants

1) A lot of dust is generated during the production of aggregates: in the process of lifting and screening, drying of aggregates, dust will be generated in many processes.

2) If heavy oil is used as fuel, transfer gas and carbon black will be produced.

3) Asphalt mixing and storage and transportation processes produce dust-laden gas containing asphalt fumes.

Selection of filter media

• The asphalt mixing plant usually adopts two dust removal methods of cyclone first stage dust removal and pulse jet bag filter

• The filter material is made of aramid needle felt or fiberglass composite needle felt with water and oil repellent.

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